About the Owners of the Quilter's Nest

Mary Brass and Holly Yingling are the owners of the Quilter’s Nest. We have both been quilting for years and truly love what we do. We hope that we can impart that passion to you.

Mary is married to Steve Brass and resides in Mt. Vernon. Steve works for Sabic and spends his spare time (when there is any) taking care of their 3 acres of yard. Mary and Steve have a son, Derek who is married to Kara. Derek and Kara have recently been blessed with their first child, Olivia. She is beautiful and healthy. Lucky for Steve and Mary, their granddaughter lives just down the road from them, so they are able to see her often. The spoiling has already begun.

Holly is married to Steve Yingling and also resides in Mt. Vernon. Steve works for CSX, which means he doesn’t have any spare time. Steve and Holly have 4 sons, Stephen, Chris, Nick, and Tim. They have 11 grandchildren, 1 boy and 10 girls. Needless to say, they stay busy travelling.

Mary has been quilting for about 10 years and Holly has been quilting for about 20 years. Both have taken numerous classes and continue to do so. Both own a Tin Lizzie long arm. All of the samples in the shop are made by Mary and Holly and most of the quilts have been quilted by them also.

Mary and Holly are best friends and also happen to work well together. What one doesn’t think of the other one does. Sometimes our families think we are clones!!!

Special note: Holly and Mary are offering current store samples for sale. As they work on the new samples for upcoming classes, they simply need to make room in the store to display them. If you would like a great price on a beautiful quilt, check out the samples available here.

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